Happy Birthday Nicholas

Happy Birthday to you Nicholas :)

Yesterday 29/7/12 Sunday was Nicholas's birthday,so......he decided to ask us to go out and have a "date" with him at JUSCO :D. 
But......because of the time was kinda rush so I planned to buy him a gift in the mall.
I reached there at around 2pm~ and he told me that I have to meet up with them at McDonald.

I look weird without circle lenses @__@
(Photos taken while waiting for Yana and Yuri )
I look pale @_@

erm......speechless xD

See those lashes @_@ Kinda doubt that he apply mascara xD
Don't you?! @_@ 

I look fugly like hell loh!!!! @_@

Ugly me with Cute Nicholas
We went to KBOX for booking the room first after Yana called and told us that they would be late.

Only three of us >< waiting for Yana and Yuri ~

Me with Demi 
My legs are huge and fat D: 

Nicholas with Me

awkward >< 

Its kinda blurish~ @_@

YURI! (Nicholas was holding the gift given by Yuri)

Yana with Me

I have no idea when did I snapped this  O.O

I was holding the comb which I found in Yuri's bag LOL! <3

Peace <3

My outfit of the day......:D

Digging ~~~ 

What kind of poses is this xD 

 After the karaoke, we went for shopping again xD which we like to do the most!!! <3<3<3
Rilakkuma phone case xD cute right?! Obsess with it

I'm such a blurcase .___. 


Nicholas bought me some doughnuts before I go home,so sweet right?  Thank you in advance <3 ;) 
Big Apple Donut <3

Well...as you guys know that I am definitely a SHOPAHOLIC xD( At least I think I am) I won't go back home with empty hands.
These are what I bought <3 

Skin Food <3

I got this for only 10bucks by purchases over RM100 .....quite a good deal tight? 

In case you are wondering whether what is this.
This is a tomato spot cream. The sales girl told me that its really work on acne scars , freckles and stuff.....so......I think that I might give it a try then.
But it is kinda pricey, like around RM76? (I will post the receipt below)

The first items on the list
(Tomato whitening spot cream)

Some of the random stuff I bought at SASA <3 Luv it ;DD

Thank you for visiting my blog :)
Hope you have a nice day.

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