Hangout and Shopping

Whoo hoo!!!!
Ultimately! I'm able to online to check my facebook,mailbox and also edit my blog again! 
Quite busy works....extra activity in school and the examination test is coming soon too! 
But still, I have to relax myself to reduce the pressure >< ~! So guess what will I do?!
SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

Me and my friends went to AEON last Saturday which is our school's teacher's day :D
(Sorry, I'm not allowed to take photos with my phone because the freaking discipline teacher will confiscate my phone D:  )

We went to Isabelle's house before we head up to AEON....because they said they have to bath and changing clothes. 

Isabelle was considering what to wear~ 

Yuri was keep recording random stuff LOL (even Isabelle's bra)

WHEE~ Pretty Isabelle!!! And Yuri! ;D 

Snap Snap Snap~ 

We were having our brunch at the PAN CAKE HOUSE .

Are you waving your hand ...or? xD
YANA!!!!! With her TACO! <3

Photo edited by Isabelle <3 GORGEOUS 

LOL! in case you are wondering whether why my outfit seems so weird....because its my SCHOOL UNIFORM! >< I forgot to bring clothes to change but fortunately I still have my sweater jacket along with me so......yeah......I can cover up the ugly school badge and my number tape. ;P 
Doesn't seems cover much though... LOL!
No filter on this photo!!! Its all about perfect sunlight!!! xD
I look fugly here :O
Credits to Nicholas
And lips are huge...
But I love them!!! *embrace*
NICHOLAS !!!!!! With a nice odour! I like your perfume! ;DDD and your west!

Playing at the game section!
Demi with Isabelle


Nicholas with Yana



I also bought some clothes and also somethings from daiso and sasa too :D!

It is kinda cheap after discount~ like about RM18 each? So I decided to try these out ;DDD HEHE

Thank you for visiting my blog :)
Hope you have a nice day! 

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