Online Shopping ZALORA

Its have been almost a whole month I didn't update my blog. 
I was busying with my school works and the examination stuff~ BORED LIKE HELL! @_@

Okay ! Anyway, today I am going to talk about the which they always brag that it is the NUMBER 1 online shopping website.

I think most of you have ever seen their advertising before....its everywhere around the internet and also on radio and even TV.

So after all, I decided to get myself a bag since that their products are genuine and branded :)

This is what I bought 
The box

Bag packed in the plastic bag
Return Slip

Free coupon <3

So far, I think their service is not bad...
The only things I dislike about them is they doesn't really reply your message.
I called their hotline and asked whether how to inform them after the payment is done. 
Since that I decided to pay by bank deposit so they asked me to scan the receipt with my name,contact number and order code on to their payment email things?(troublesome @_@ ) 
But after all, they doesn't reply my message , I was worried whether they got my mail anot ! 
And we can't check our order status somemore !!!!So, the only way to confirm is to call the hotline.

Thank you for spending your precious time to visit my blog :)
Hope you have a nice day!!!


  1. Online shopping, for the most part, is the easiest and the safest way to shop. By being aware and alert you can find incredible deals and save tons of money.

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    1. I agree with that ;)
      But I will always make sure that the products are authentic to deal with!