Primary Schoolmates Gathering +Karaoke Part1


I was so excited and happy to meet my friends again!!!
Well, we usually hang out often but today is a special case because we were having our gathering at our PRIMARY SCHOOL (Yuk Choy).
Since after we graduate from "Yuk Choy" , we were not allowing to visit there anymore......because of the school rules or somethings bla bla bla..... SO F*UCK UP loh seriously, we are not stranger or bad people wert.....why can't we go back and visit our ex-form teacher?! 
So...after a few years later, Yuk Choy conducted a major sport days which was opened for public......which mean we can go back!!!  :D 

(Out-view of my primary school, snap this before the sports day :D )

Anyway, the weather on that day was freaking HOT! 
Quite pity loh for those kids who participate on the sports day. 
Racing under the burning hot sun without applying any sunscreen......but they look quite enjoy it lah.
After all of us reached there, we straight away to look for our teacher(Lim Poh Ling) 
We made her a nick name called "Bowling" LOL!!! Isn't it sounds the same?! 
Four years ++ didn't saw her already,  but she doesn't change much loh~ which remind me of every moment I used to study at yuk choy (sneeze sneeze~~ feels like crying >.< ) 
We did took a lots of photo with her camera.......but unfortunately I can't show you guys because I forgot to make some copies @___@  
We was like "WTF" after we leave.
Here are some photo which took with my phone.

    What happened with my legs?! So weird loh =,= 

Charles with Me
He seems...not very nice here! LOL!

I really do appreciated that I met them.
Well, "the best things about primary schoolmates are,even though they are far apart,but the heart, the friendship does still remain"(Copied from my BFF Charles) because we used to be friends since we are very young like about 10? 
We grow together, we cry together, we laugh together , we gone through every things together! I hope that our friendship will last forever ;)

Puke! xD

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