Newbie on blog

Hello people! 

Yumun here, I'm so excited now because this is the first time for me to write my own blog.
Since almost all my friend around me have their own blog and they told me that updating and editing the blog is fun.I kinda doubt about it at the first time because I am a lazy person and I think that sitting infront of the computer and writing the blog is way too bored.But so far, I viewed my friends and also some random people's blog, and its actually kinda fun to read what they wrote about anythings happened in their life, so I think that people might like to read my blog if I have one too? Finally, for a really long consideration, I decided to create my own blog and here it is!!!! :)

To introduce myself.
Full name- Tan Yu Mun
Gender: Male
Age- 16 this year (born in 1996...obviously)
Relationship - SINGLE
Interest- I obsess with japanese pop , I love their fashion ,trends,makeup,music

Thank you so much to spent your time to visit my blog ;) I <3 you

Ugly me! >< 
(Acting cute but failed) 

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