Benefit : High Beam Review (Luminescent Complexion Enhancer)

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Today I will be reviewing on Skin luminizer AKA Highlighter :D
Well, I don't apply products that claims to have a dewy finish often because I have an oily skin and it might be too rich for my skin type.
Besides, the weather in Malaysia is super duper hot and humid, so, matte and oil-free makeup is a must for me! 
But sometimes, matte makeup will ended up looking like you are wearing a foundation mask. 
(If you know what I mean D;)
So, a good skin luminizer is the key to achieve the radiant looking skin and minimize the appearances of powdery and dull makeup.

Benefit High Beam
(Luminescent Complexion Enhancer)

Inside da box

The Texture

The Texture + Swatches

Before I Apply The High Beam On Mah Face :)

The Area I Applied & The After Result On Mah Face :D

Face Map :D

After I Applied

Face Map

After I Applied

After I Applied

With Natural Sun Rays
Lol, I have no idea why did I keep pointing on my face xD


 The Comparison 

Product Description
The makeup artist's secret to a healthy glow!
Our satiny pink liquid highlighter accents cheek & brow bones for a dewy, radiant glow. Use as a spot highlighter over makeup or wear under complexion products for subtle luminescence. 
It's the "supermodel in a bottle!"

How To Apply
Dot and blend over makeup on to cheek and brow bones, or anywhere you want a glance to linger.
Apply high beam over benetint for a long-lasting, dewy flush! 
To add soft definition to your nose, apply high beam down the bridge of your nose and blend.


My Opinion
I've tried a lot of different skin luminizer and this is the best so far.
The consistency is very blendable and gives you a very velvety smooth finish without the stickiness which are very suitable for those who have oily skin like me :)
But still, try not to press too much powder foundation on the area that you are going to apply the skin luminizer because it might caked-up and looking powdery.
Besides,do not put on the high beam straight on your face with the applicator brush because it is kinda unhygienic and the bacteria might affect the ingredient in it. :)


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  1. Omg this is so tempting! I do love glowy finish but, for us who have oily skin, yah you know? The natural glow even without make up is very easy to achieve. Hahaha

    1. I know how yah feel! xD
      This is why I obsess on high beam so much!
      Non greasy texture but velvety matte ;D

  2. you look more alive in the after picture! High Beam is seriously doing its job on you ^_^

    1. I know right ;D
      My skin condition looks better ;)
      Thank You For Visiting ;D