Updated Lifestyle Post + Comic Fiesta Event 2013

 Hello Everyone :D

New Year is around the corner!!! :DDD
Gonna miss 2013 so much :)))
I've made a lot of mistake and did loads of silly things this year and I really wanted to punch myself every time when I try to recall. LOL!!! XD
Well, as you guys know I seldom make lifestyle post but beauty products review :)
So I thought why don't I just make one before the end of the year ;D
(P.S: This post is gonna be SO random xD )

As you can see on the title , MAMA WENT TO COMIC FIESTA ;DDD Lol !
And my transportation was......by train!!!  ;D
(Went there a day before the event started)

On the train :D

I wanted to take selfie actually but it might be kinda awkward if I do so because I didn't really know the guy(Lucas) who sat beside me.
Way too shy to take photos xD
So,no selfie for me D;
Although he is actually my friend's bestie ~

At Subway :D
We went to subway for lunch after we got off from the train ;D
In case you are wondering why did I covered my face with that cute little baby pink flower It is because I didn't apply much makeup and I looked super duper sleepy. LOL XD
The makeup on mah face was only the foundation from Benefit. 
(Click here for the foundation review :D)

After that, we took a cab to the hotel which we will be staying for two nights.
I was such a mess on that day because It was raining heavily outside and we even have to stand at that taxi station to wait for the budget taxi. D:

Besides, the taxi driver has a very bad attitude!
He even shouted at us because he don't know where's the hotel located at!

But still, it's okay......
Do you know who pissed me off the most?

We called them to give us some umbrella because there was no parking area for taxi and what the guy bring along with himself was only A SINGLE umbrella which can only block himself out from the rain!
I expected that he will share the umbrella with us but what he did was just standing there and doing nothing.
Not even help us to carry our luggage! =__=
Which almost got me ram by a motorcycle... @__@

The inside view of the hotel

Me and Sims

Me and Sims In da room :D

After we settled our luggage and stuff in the hotel room.
IT'S SHOPPING TIME~! (Extra preparation for CF :D )

Lyoneil,Ian,Jason,Sims and me at Sungei Wang

Ian,Lyoniel,Jason,Lucas,Me and Sims :D

Me,Ian,Lyoniel,Jason,Sims,Lucas and Sim's Mom :D

I looked awful D; 

(Comic Fiesta Day 1)

I barely sleep in those couple days .__. too nervous!
Besides, I have to help my friends out with their makeup too which made me even panic :O
I did a horrible job by the way >< hope they don't mind.
In case you are wondering, I am cosplaying as Jean Kirstein from Attack On Titan ;D

Me cosplay as Jean Kirstein
(Attack On Titan)

Me cosplay as Jean Kirstein
(Attack On Titan)

With my bestie Mikasa(Sims) ;D

He was the guy who sat beside me on the train xD

Jean(Me) with Mikasa(Sims)

Jean(Me) with Sasuke(Lucas)

Our handsome tour guide + photographer
(Ian) :D

Lyoniel with his wig xD


Mikasa(Sims) , Sasuke(Lucas) , Jean(Me)

Sim's Mom , Mikasa(Sims) , Sasuke(Lucas) , Jean(Me)

More photos from our handsome photographer Ian!!! :D

Minions @o@

Another Jean(Jason) :D


Me cosplay as Jean Kirstein
(Attack On Titan)

Comic Fiesta Day 2

I wanted to dress myself up in the second day too but ... my costume are kinda filthy and quite smelly xDDD
Plus!!! I need to take a break. /.\
My eyes was swollen up and very irritated @_@

Sims and Me

That guy in purple is Jason xD


No Filter :D

Lyoniel and Me

Me and Sims

Ian and Me

Sasuke(Lucas) , Tobi(Jason) , Sims

Group Photo :D

It was a really great experiences ;)
So gonna do it again with them in the up coming cosplay event ;D
And no more budget taxi nor hotel again!!! ;(

Last Entry with one of my most favorite photo ;D
Photo Credits to Ian Thang
(Da best photographer ever)

Remember to look after and take care of your belonging.
Especially at the crowded places!!!
My wallet was stolen when I was in the Monorail D; 

Fark you thief!!! Curse you to death!!! D;

Thank You For Visiting :D
Wish you all the best :D


  1. Ah the last pic looks great! Like the last pic the most! ㅋㅋㅋ
    Well I have never experiences my wallet stollen by someone (thankfully), always put my wallet inside my bad and always hold it on haha.
    The unpolite taxi driver also quite common in Indonesia, especially for the cheap or budget taxi, I usually will go to the a little bit expensive one but better service~

    1. Awww,Thank you so much :DDDD
      You shouldn't put it in your bag next time ;(
      Because you have no idea when will the thief wanted to open up your bag D;

  2. omg that last picture, you look like an angel from heaven! i never been to CF, i hope next time I can go ^_^

    1. Haha xD Thank you!!!
      My eyes are way too fierce to be angel!
      Maybe a sexay angel xD

  3. I love your cosplays! I wish I had the time and money to cosplay too >:


    1. Thank you so much ! ;)))
      Just order the costume from taobao.com
      It would be cheaper and more affordable ^_^