Christmas Shopping

Hello peeps!
Christmas is about to arrive!
Have you started to prepare and greet the Christmas yet? :D
Hehe~ I am busying of shopping for Christmas gift and also my birthday gift recently.
Most of the shops are having promotion and discount, so I guess this would be the perfect time for me to stock up!

Firstly , I went to The Face Shop to get myself some new skin care products.
So, these are what I bought :D

The Face Shop

The Face Shop Eco-Fashion Jute Bag

Clean Face Set

This is the "Clean Face Set" from the face shop which worth over hundred bucks but you can now get it for RM99.90 .

There is a Cleanser(150ml), Toner(130ml) and Moisturizer(130ml) inside.
If you doesn't feel like getting the Moisturizer, you can actually exchange to Serum and the price remain the same.
I've no idea why did I choose the Moisturizer instead of the Serum since that Serum is actually expensive than the Moisturizer. How blur am I !!!!!! D:

Clean Face Set

Arsainte Eco-Therapy Set

I also got this Arsainte Eco-Therapy Set for RM149.90
There is a Cleanser(140ml) , Toner(145ml) and Essence(70ml)

Sheet Mask and Sleeping Mask
The mask are 3 pieces for RM12
(The blue packaging sleeping mask was just the sample pack that given by the counter girl)

They also gave me these miniature skin care kit and toiletry bag.
Take a look of their face book page to find out more :) 

Besides that , these are what I bought from Skin Food.
Skin Food

Nails Strengthener

Nail Cleaner

Eye and Lip Delicacy Set
I got this Eye and Lips Delicacy set for RM25.90 at the promotion price which actually worth up to RM40.90
There is a Eye and lip make-up remover(100ml) , Nail Polish remover(100ml) and also a empty container inside which is kinda weird.
I've no idea whether what is the container use for.... o.o
Take a look of their facebook page to find out more :D 

Apart from that , I also got some random stuff at Sasa.
Hydra-splash Bio Cellulose Eye Mask ( Sasatinnie)

RM19.90 for two boxes of Sasatinnie Eye Mask.
It is actually a buy one free one.

Haruhada Cleansing Water (Collagen)
2 Bottle of haruhada Cleansing Water(500ml) for RM49 which the normal price for each is RM39
Take a look of their facebook page to know more :D 

Lastly , I also bought myself a birthday gift from Lancome counter.
Look!!! How cute and elegant is the packaging!!! Luv it <3 
Yeah.......I know its quite nonsense that to get yourself a wrapped gift which you already knew whats inside....
Anyway, the price for this Genifique Yuex Light Pearl Set is RM225 (worth RM362)


Genifique Yuex Light Pearl 20ml
Genifique Youth Activator 7ml
Genifique Eye 5ml
Take a look of their facebook page :D


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