Anion Blue 可蓝 Review

Hello peeps! 
Do you ever want your skin tone to get brighter and fairer
Not only on face but the whole body.
I DO !! 
I want my skin complexion to get whiter since I realize that brighter looking skin will actually look better than the healthy skin tone which is tan skin.
( People always said that tan skin tone is actually healthy! Erm... kinda werid) 

Brighter looking complexion will not only make yourself looking more youthful and also vitality.

Especially on photograph and the moment you are choosing the cosmetic products that matches your skin tone.
No body likes to look yellowish on photo right? D:

So, the important things is to get the right whitening products that suitable for your skin to achieve the fairer skin.

Today , I am going to talk about some whitening products THAT YOU SHOULDN'T BUY.
Lol, I think many of you thought that I will be doing a favourite whitening products review isn't? ><

Choosing the right products is really the crucial! So, these are the products that I doesn't really recommend even though the price is kinda cheap.

Skin Care + Sunscreen + Cosmetic

Lol! I bought the whole set of it on blog shop.
To prove that I am really craving to get fairer ><

Face Whiten Essence aka Extreme Whitening Gentle Magic Water.

The cap design.
The solution is in pink and contain something like glitter inside which really scared me off.
Even the products listed that the golden glitter things inside is actually the Caviar extraction but still I don't dare to spray it on my face.
So I decided to try it on my hand first.
I used this products for like a whole month and I can't really see the different , well maybe work a little but still my friend told me that I got darker instead of turning whiter D:
Besides that, the consistency is not very good, I doesn't really feel moisturising at all.

Face Whiten Essence aka Extreme Whitening Impeccable Magic Solution.

The cap design.

The texture

As you can see on those picture above, the texture is kinda thick and sticky.
At first, I doesn't really willing to apply it on my face because I really scared of breaks out.
But eventually, I have no idea where did I got the guts to put it on.
My face got instant whiter or should I call it pale?
The pigment is really not natural and kinda fake.
The scent of it is quite ...erm.......I have no idea how to describe it.....smells something like plastic?
And, just like how I thought, my face got breaks out. D: FML!!!

Body Whiten Spa Body Whitening aka body sunscreen. 

The Texture
The two bottle of it are actually the same.
At first, I thought that they were different so I bought them. Such a waste D:
Well, the texture is even more thicker and greasier than the face essence.
And its kinda hard to rinse off with water so I guess its waterproof formula? It didn't listed on the description but I think it is.
So, I think it would be better to just apply a thin layer on your body while you are going to the beach or pool? 
Not only can get protected under the uv rays and the sunscreen wouldn't wash-off easily in the water and also have such a fair skin .
 Not suggest to use it daily! Because it might clog your pores !

The price
Big bottle   : RM24++
Small bottle: RM10++

Whitening and Moisturing Milk with Threble Whitening Effect.

The texture.
This is the products which PISSED ME OFF the MOST!
Its called "whitening & moisturing milk" in English 
But in Chinese, Its called "一抹就白嫩白神泥"
Translated : Instant White with a touch of the Magical Clay"
This is how It should call I guess?

Okay! To clarify the texture...
It is in clay form instead of milk texture
And it is actually a cosmetic product work as the "BB cream"
The colour is just like the clay, greyish and yellowish.
Very thick and the pigment are very weird after blended.
Super greasy and oily.

The price  

Boost Moisture Silk Peptide Body Essence Lotion.

The texture
I think this is my most favourite.
The texture is really unique but comfortable
Quite hydrating and smell nice
But the effect doesn't really obvious.

The price

Salyr Whitening Body Wash

The texture

This body wash doesn't related to Anion Blue, its different brand. 
Well, I had used this for a couple months because I really gave this products a high expectation.
Because some of my friends always tends to brag about how effective it is.
Overall, I don't feel any changes on my skin tone.......
Maybe its my problem or the products doesn't work ? I have no Idea.......
The colour of the texture is silvery like and smell unique......I couldn't say its smell bad nor nice....

The price
 RM30 ++

The Conclusion
You get what you pay for! But I think there are still have something cheap but effective out there.
Even though there are some celebrity endorsement these products and brag that the effect are quite good.
But, you will only know how is it after you try it on yourself.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day :) 

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