Glasses Online Movember Contest (Collaborating Post)

Hello Peeps!!!
Long time no see :)

It had been a month that I didn't update my blog post.
I was and still busying with my work and stuff.
Anyway, I am all fine and I will try to update my blog post regularly :)

Let's cut into the point!
A couple days ago, the admin from Glassesonline sent me a gmail and invite me to participate in their "Movember Contest" and get a chance to win a pair of "Nunettes Glasses".
I was like "WHY NOT?! It's FREE ;DD"

But how can I join?
What should I do?
Here's the things!

1. Participants have to share the contest on their blog (If you have one)
2. Send in a picture of themselves with a mustache on instagram (Hashtag #GOMovember)
( It can be any mustache,the more creative the better :D )

Here are some inspiration from Glassesonline.
Click here for more ideas. :D

Once they have your picture,they will add it to their Facebook Official Page.
The winner with the most likes will win a pair of Nunettes glasses.

So!!! Stop Hesitating!!!
It's Free To Join!!! :D 

Glassesonline's Website     :
Glassesonline's Facebook  :
Glassesonline's Instagram   : GlassesOnlineMY

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