Haruhada High Concentrate Activator Review

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Today I will be doing a skin care review on 
"Haruhada High Concentrate Activator"

Herm...I guess some of you might thought that it is actually an ordinary serum/essence like how I did.

It is actually an Activator which will helps to penetrates the rest of the skin care products you had apply on your skin more!!!
It will magnify the efficacy of the products you are going to apply afterwards to achieve the better result :D

How To Use
1.After cleansing and toning, dispense 1-2 drops onto the palm of hand.
2.Using fingertips,evenly spread over the face and gently massage until fully absorbed. 

What I like
-It absorbed into my skin in no time
-It doesn't irritate my skin
-It relief the redness around my skin

What I dislike
*The length of the drip tube*
It wasn't long enough to reach the end of the bottle to assimilate the product at the bottom.

My Opinion:
I've been using both of these activator over a couple months and it did work on my sensitive skin.
It doesn't irritate my skin at all and also helps to relief the redness.
But it would be a little bit dry after apply this~
So! Remember to always put on the rest of your skin care ! :)

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  1. Hi, may I know where did you buy this and how much is it? I am looking for activator too, but the ones i found were quite costly...

    1. Hello!! I bought it at Sasa.com but I think you may find it at your local Sasa store too :)
      It costs me around RM60 :)
      Thank You for visiting :)
      Feel free to follow my blog! Thank You :)

  2. I just bought this! thanks for the review. :) Sasa has a sale now. buy two for Rm79.