Happy Birthday Emilly

Happy Birthday Emilly!!! =D

I suppose to blog about this after a day of our gathering which is 2/1/13 but I couldn't make it because of the school reopens stuff D= 
Until now!!! 
I finally took out some time to update my post!!! =D 

She's the Birthday Girl!!!
Celebrating at Chatime

Primary Schoolmates

The Cake

Emilly with her boyfriend Eric :D

Emilly , Jia Wei , Sherlyn , Sim Yee

Finally! I am involved too .__.
I tends to be the one who keeps cam whoring
(The reason why most of the photo didn't have me D: sad case)

P/S  Sherlyn...are you okay ? O.O
What a pose xD (Act cute)

Sherlyn!!! With the Cake ._. xD


What are you guys doing :OOO awkward!!!

Sorry for the definition :O
I was using my iphone to snap! 

Nuuuuu!!! PUKE xD

They were compete to see whether who can separate the cake into perfect shape!!! Lol!!!
We went for Karaoke after all :D
Our Beverages

Jia Wei with Sim Yee

Sherlyn with Me

Charles with Me

Jia Wei , Sim Yee and Me

Me with Wai Lok

Add caption

The End!!!
Thank You for visiting my blog :)
Hope you have a nice day :D

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